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Our Mission

The Sydney Bethel Union is a public charitable organisation established in 1822 and formalised in 1851 by an Act of the Parliament of NSW known as the Sydney Bethel Union Trustees' Act, to provide for the welfare of Seafarers of all nationalities visiting the Ports of NSW.

In the 21st Century the Sydney Bethel Union fulfills its charter through the funding of The Mission to Seafarers in the Ports of Sydney, Port Kembla, Newcastle and Eden.

Our Vision

To effectively manage, in association with appointed professional advisors, the assets of the Sydney Bethel Union in order to provide for the ongoing spiritual and physical welfare of seafarers of all nationalities and creeds visiting the Ports of New South Wales.

The Bethel Flag

The development of the Bethel Flag originated in the Lower Pool of the port of London in 1817 and arose out of the need to identify the vessel in which church services would be held on a particular Sunday.
The design of the flag eventually adopted - and still currently used - has a blue background with the word BETHEL superimposed in white, with the Star of Hope in one corner and a dove with olive branch in the other.

The flag was first flown in Sydney from the masthead of the brig Lynx on 17 November 1822 where 100 seamen heard Rev. Erskine, a Wesleyan minister, preach the topic Prepare to Meet Thy God. Within weeks, the 'Sydney Bethel Union Society' as it was originally called, was founded.

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